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Who We Are

Precision Manufacturing Ltd

“PML strive to stand out from the crowd both at home and abroad.”

Experience the Precision Manufacturing Advantage for yourself, click here to contact our Engineers.

Located in Britain’s industrial heartland, Precision Manufacturing is a high performance Contract Electronic Manufacturing services provider, offering the benefits of highly flexible automation to its business partners across the UK.

What we at Precision Manufacturing offer, is flexibility to tailor an assembly line specifically to your prototype or volume run, alongside a common sense approach that years of industry experience brings:

  • Prompt delivery times
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Highly competitive unit costs

Whether you require urgent prototypes, ultra-reliable production runs or the cost-efficiencies of labour optimisation, here at Precision Manufacturing we believe we have the knowledge and experience to meet every need.

“PML strive to stand out from the crowd both at home and abroad.”

We are proud of our British heritage and strive to support home-grown expertise and engineering know-how.

We believe automated assembly in the UK has many distinct advantages:

  • There are no compromises on component quality
  • There are no worries about the board-to-board variances found in some low-tech or hand finished product
  • There are no language barriers, time differentials customs issues, currency variations or shipping delays

Precision Manufacturing is part of a highly successful group of UK businesses including Solutions Group (UK) plc.

The group businesses are based on the same site and have the benefits of centralised logistics, marketing, finance, warehousing services all under one roof.

We have fiscal stability not seen in businesses many times our size, which we think is comforting to know when you are looking to place your PCB assembly contract.

Truly we are:

“Better Built – in Britain”.