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Prototyping your product idea

Your Idea - Our Reality

We will listen to your idea, look at your sketches, check your circuit diagrams and work with you to transform your idea into a working prototype.

We can help you with design criteria definition, component sourcing and selection, firmware development and essential design parameters such as heat dissipation, moisture control, enclosure design etc - and of course PCB layout.

Once your prototypes have been fine tuned and are ready for the next stage, we can convert it into a finished size, complete assembly that will meet your design specifications. This two stage process will help you minimise the impact of any costly design changes and speed the entire process to production-ready.

The PML advantages go way beyond just great prices and prompt delivery. By speaking the same language, working the same business hours and understanding the importance of a top quality build, choosing PML is far more productive, removes translation problems, provides resilience to currency fluctuations, importing issues and maximises your efficiency. If you are a small business needing a range of services or a blue chip organisation needing a specific service, we are here to help you.

Our experienced team will meet you at your offices or take you on a detailed tour of our UK manufacturing facilities. We can work from an embryonic idea you wish to develop, right through to designing your bespoke packaging. We can even provide storage and delivery services for your valuable products, all based in our Northampton facility.

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If you would like a quick chat to see what we can do for you and your business, please give us a call on 01604 662736 or get in touch by email wecanhelp@pmlcem.co.uk. No matter how big or small your enquiry, we will be pleased to help you.